Sunday, April 8, 2007

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Turtles' Awesome Easter (1987)

Ok, not much to say about this one but hey it's easter so why not! Hope everyone has a nice easter with friends and family. Expect more movies and soundtracks soon. Enjoy!

This show tells the adventures of four turtles who were transformed into humanoids by a strange ooze and were trained as ninja by a human martial arts master, Hamato Yoshi, who was changed into a humanoid rat, Splinter, by the same substance. Together with the intrepid reporter, April O'Neil, they fight against the threats against the world, like Shredder and Krang.


World Gone Wild (1988)

Hello everyone, been busy this past week but I am back. Here is the 1988 Post-Apocalyptic movie "World Gone Wild" featuring Michael Pare, Adam Ant, and Bruce Dern. I haven't seen this movie but had it around on vhs so I ripped it and here it is.

In the nuclear ravaged wasteland of Earth 2087 water is as precious as life itself. The isolated Lost Wells outpost survived the holocaust and the inhabitants guard the source of their existence. Now an evil cult of renegades want control of their valuable water supply. And the villagers are no match for such brute military force. Only one man can help the stricken community - a mercenary living in a distance cannibal city. But even he, and his strange henchmen, may not be able to survive in the world gone wild.


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Jurgen Knieper - Etoile / Franco Micalizzi - Stridulum Soundtrack

Had this cd laying around so uploaded it for you guys. Here we have the Etoile score composed by Jurgen Kneiper and the Stridulum score, which is composed by Franco Micalizzi, is also included on the CD. I'm not a real big fan of the Etoile soundtrack but I like the soul vibe on each of the songs on Stridulum, so I recommend it. Enjoy!
1. Etoile
2. Ballerina
3. Realm Of Nightmares
4. Claire & Jason
5. Nathalie, The Past
6. Sandor & The Old Theatre
7. A New Incubus
8. Grace & Elegance
9. Double Identity
10. Possession
11. Swan Lake
12. Claire, The Present
13. Budapest
14. Black Swan
15. Rescue From Death
16. The Past Is Over, Now (Tracks 1 - 16 : Etoile Score)
17. Stridulum Theme
18. Here's The Dream
19. Running Away From Jerzy
20. Sadness Theme
21. Distressing Sequence
22. Hospital Sequence
23. Voices For Sadness Theme
24. Jerzy, Again
25. Sadness Theme Pt. 2
26. Atmosphere
27. Back In The Hospital
28. Distressing Sequence (Tracks 17- 28 : Stridulum Score)


Friday, March 23, 2007

Alan Silvestri - American Anthem Soundtrack [Bootleg]

Here we have the bootleg soundtrack to the 1986 sport (Gymnastics) drama with Mitchell Gaylord. Good luck trying to find this soundtrack version. This is NOT the various artists version, this is all of Alan Silvestri's music from the movie, in good quality, also is not a rip from the movie! This is the real bootleg. Enjoy!
1. Victory
2. The Family / The Motorcycle Chase
3. Find Yourself
4. Kirk On The Horizontal Bar
5. The Kiss
6. Steve's Accident
7. Becky On The Uneven Bars
8. The Championships
9. Under The Rain
10. Julie's Big Moment
11. Tracy's Floor Exercise
12. Training
13. Father And Son
14. Main Theme - Part 1
15. Main Theme - Part 2

Thursday, March 22, 2007

John Harrison - Creepshow Soundtrack

Hey everyone heres the soundtrack to the 1982 horror movie "Creepshow" directed by George A. Romero, soundtrack composed by John Harrison (Day of the Dead). To tell you the truth, I haven't even listened to the soundtrack. This is one of the request I got in my email and I had the soundtrack so I posted it. Enjoy!
1. Prologue - Welcome To Creepshow
2. Father's Day
3. The Lonesome Death Of Jordy Verrill
4. Something To Tide You Over
5. The Crate
6. They're Creeping Up On You
7. Epilogue
8. Until The Next Time (End Title)
9. Satanic Piano (Tracks 9 - 11 Newly Recorded Suites From Tales From The Darkside)
10. Everybody Needs A Little Love
11. Sorry Right Number
12. Overture (Overture From Mansions Of The Moon)
13. Main Title Song (Tracks 13 - 14 Shoobie Doobie Moon)
14. You Make Me Feel Like A Monster


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Various Artists - Best of the Best Soundtrack

Here is the OST to the 1989 karate movie "Best of the Best". I haven't seen the movie but the soundtrack has some nice songs on it. Enjoy!
1. Jim Capaldi - Tales of Power
2. Stubblefield & Hall - Best of the Best
3. Kirsten Nash - American Hotel
4. Jim Capaldi - Something So Strong
5. Golden Earring - The Devil Made Me Do It
6. Golden Earring - Radar Love
7. Charlie Major - Backroads
8. Paul Gilman - Original Score Medley
9. Charlie Major - Someday I'm Gonna Ride In A Cadillac


Monday, March 19, 2007

Hans Zimmer - Days of Thunder Soundtrack [Bootleg]

Here we have the very well done bootleg soundtrack of the 1990 hit movie "Days of Thunder" composed by none other than Hans Zimmer. This soundtrack is great and contains nice guitar riffs and has a electronic-rock feel like that from the early 90's or late 80's. I highly recommend this soundtrack and I hope you like it.
1. Main Title
2. Test Drive
3. A New Driver
4. Introduction
5. Cole's Round
6. Car Building
7. Darlington / First Victory
8. Kamikaze Drivers
9. The Crash
10. Casualty Ward
11. Talk to Me
12. Wheelchair Race
13. Cole & Claire / Rental Car Chase
14. Cole's Call/Dating Claire
15. See Me Drive
16. Waking Up
17. Drafting
18. Atlanta / Burning Car
19. Cole Vs. Russ
20. Reflections
21. Asking A Favor
22. Drive My Car
23. Rowdy's Wish
24. Scared
25. Harry's Speech / Daytona
26. Before The Start
27. Dawn
28. Victory Lane
29. End Title


John Mikl Thor - Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare Soundtrack

Now I've had this cd laying around for a while but haven't really gave it a listen so I don't really know if I like the music that much. With "Trick or Treat" being posted though I had to upload another rock horror movie soundtrack. Hope you guys enjoy! Also about requests..please email me requests and ill try my best to find your request. I will have some movies up soon also so keep checking back!
01 RNRN Intro
02 Spiralling Terror
03 Wild Life
04 The Magic Voice
05 Winds of Evil
06 Live It Up
07 Heads Will Turn
08 Calm Before the Fear
09 We Live to Rock (Let's Tune Our Weapons)
10 Damage Control (Let's Rock One)
11 Energy
12 Nocturnal Invader (Phil's Demise)
13 Mad as Hell.
14 Ghost Walker
15 Steal Your Thunder
16 I Heard Luanne Scream
17 March of the Purple Star Fish
18 Somewhere When Rises the Moon
19 Attack of the Minions
20 Face Off (The Final Confrontation)
21 I Knew If I Pissed You Off
22 We Accept the Challenge
23 See You Again Old Scratch
24 Unknown Stranger
25 Rock N' Roll Nightmare
26 Tritonz Theme
27 Lend Me Your Ears


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fastway - Trick or Treat Soundtrack

Here Is the OST to one of my favorite rock horror movies, Trick or Treat. The soundtrack has some of my favorite music from a rock horror movie. I recommend this and for you to also check out the movie when you get a chance, heres the soundtrack!
01. Trick or Treat
02. After Midnight
03. Don't Stop the Fight
04. Stand Up
05. Tear Down the Walls
06. Get Tough
07. Hold on the Night
08. Heft
09. If You Could See